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Marc Block and James bring music to hospital care settings as the duo Wellspring.  Their training for this work includes an apprenticeship in Music in Health practice with Opus Music.  They occasionally write up their experiences and this blog is one example of how they have worked in one dementia ward:

“In a bay we played for three ladies, Marc kneeling close to one alert lady, and James playing near two ladies, one of whom was in bed and very frail and distant. Very quickly the frail lady's arms came up, dancing/conducting with the music and she made strong eye contact with James. The third lady who had been verbally aggressive earlier, calmed down and held the frail lady's hand and talked to her soothingly.

Later a member of staff asked us to play for the frail lady again explaining that she had given up on life months ago and that music was one of the only things she still responded to. As soon as we played her arms came up again and she made strong eye contact and the member of staff held her hand with deep care and affection. Several nurses and doctors were watching and were clearly happy and moved by the scene. When we stopped one of them started dancing and singing Wimoweh and passed a shaker to another patient who started playing. We joined in and two doctors in their office started singing and laughing too. The music moved everyone in different ways but connected everyone together in joy and compassion.” 

The picture shows Marc on guitar and James facing the camera. For more information about Wellspring, please visit: https://wellspringmusic.co.uk/about/


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