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A range of free online courses are available which give an understanding of dementia and how it affects people. These should be of use to both vocational workers and carers.

Note: If you are a care worker or heath care professional, material in this area can support your accredited learning.

To find courses, either use the 'search' option or 'filter information by topic'. You can also rate the courses according to a star system.

Information is also provided about recognised training for dementia together with links to the organisations that provide it.

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Self-care for Direct Care Workers in Dementia - Idea course

This resource has been compiled by IDEA with the support of the RCN Foundation and is free. It is based on filmed excerpts from the play Inside Out of Mind, written and directed by Tanya Myers.


Dementia Care - Idea course

This IDEA module helps you identify and assess dementia, understand the experience of and communicating with people with dementia, developing person centred care, assessment and care planning, and understand end of life palliative care.


Dementia Awareness 1 - Idea Course

This module by the University of Nottingham, entitled "Dementia Awareness 1: epidemiology, aetiology and classification" examines the prevalence of dementia and the genetics and risk factors associated with the disease.


Dementia: Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour

This free online course will help you learn more about managing challenging behaviour in people with dementia.

Please see link








Courses on Dementia

There are various courses on Dementia. Please see below links.


Dementia Care: Staying Connected and Living Well

A course on Futurelearn.com for carers, to help you stay connected to loved ones, manage stress at home and diffuse difficult situations.

When it comes to understanding and supporting a person living with dementia, family carers are very often the most skilled and knowledgeable. Yet, you will know that carers can face a number of really stressful situations that can be difficult to deal with.

The course starts on 27th March, and you can sign up now.


Coping skills for families and carers: Dementia Elevator

Aimed at family carers and health care assistants, the foundation module of Dementia Elevator's Psychosocial Skills Training will provide practical and staged information for carers about how to deal with their own emotions and those of the person with dementia. Participants will also learn approaches in cognitive stimulation, training and rehabilitation.


Designing space for dementia care

The lives of people with dementia can be improved by careful consideration of key features of the design of the spaces in which they live. This free course, Designing space for dementia care, provides examples of how good design can transform their lives and mitigate the symptoms of dementia.

By the end of this free Open University course, you should be able to:


The Many Faces of Dementia

In this free online course you’ll discover some of the key issues in dementia care and research by exploring four less common forms of dementia through the eyes of people affected by the condition, and world-leading experts at UCL via Futurelearn.com. We’ll show how research into the signs, stages, symptoms and causes of less common forms can bring us closer to the aim of defeating dementia.

The course starts on 27th February and you can register for it now.