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A range of free online courses are available which give an understanding of dementia and how it affects people. These should be of use to both vocational workers and carers.

Note: If you are a care worker or heath care professional, material in this area can support your accredited learning.

To find courses, either use the 'search' option or 'filter information by topic'. You can also rate the courses according to a star system.

Information is also provided about recognised training for dementia together with links to the organisations that provide it.

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Alzheimer’s Society UK - Dementia Brain Tour

A series of accessible videos from the Alzheimer’s Society, called the ‘dementia brain tour’, give an overview of how the brain is affected by different types of dementia.


Alzheimer’s Calgary - Dementia Basics

Alzheimer’s Calgary has a user-friendly Dementia Basics e-learning resource, defining dementia and highlighting the importance of person-centred treatment.


The Open Dementia Programme - SCIE

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) e-learning Open Dementia Programme is made of seven modules, designed for those who have contact with people with dementia.