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'Sniff test' may be useful in diagnosing early Alzheimer's disease

Tests that measure the sense of smell may soon become common in neurologists' offices. Scientists have been finding increasing evidence that the sense of smell declines sharply in the early stages of Alzheimer's, and now a new study confirms that administering a simple 'sniff test' can enhance the accuracy of diagnosing this dreaded disease. For further information please click here

Meditation and music may help reverse early memory loss in adults at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

In a recent study of adults with early memory loss, scientists found that practice of a simple meditation or music listening program may have multiple benefits for older adults with preclinical memory loss.  For further details please click here 


Thursday, 9 March, 2017

Theory, Methodology and Evidence

Date: 9th ‐ 10th March 2017

Venue: 28 Portland Place, London W1B1LY

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Professor Anne Basting, University of Wisconsin and Dr Teppo Särkämö, University of Helsinki