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Silva Lining's Care Plan

Friday, 21 September, 2018

Silva Lining's Care Plan – a play about caring written for carers

Location: Nottingham Contemporary

Date: Friday 21st September 2018, 10.30 and 2.00

Registration:  www.nottingham.ac.uk/go/silva

Silva Lining's Care Plan shines a light on the experiences of paid carers for persons with dementia. Expect laughter, tears, mischief, music, lyricism… and food for thought.

Developed from primary research undertaken at the University of Nottingham by Professor Justine Schneider, School of Sociology and Social Policy, Professor Kristian Pollock, School of Health Sciences, Dr Cheryl Travers, University of Loughborough, with Dr Lucy Perry-Young and Dr Samantha Wilkinson, Researchers.


Performances (65 minutes, plus 25 minutes post-show discussion) at 10.30am-12noon and 2-3.30pm, hosted by Nottingham Contemporary. Tickets are £5. 

Creative Team

Writer and Director - Elspeth Penny
Musician - Sarah Moody
Performers - Angie Belcher and Pameli Benham
Dramaturg - David Lane
Puppetry Director - Chris Pirie
Stage Designer - Sarah Warren
Assistant Director and Puppeteer - Isobel Ripley
Produced with support from Theatre Orchard

"Silva Lining's Care Plan is a wonderful and moving exploration of the complex relationship between carer and cared for. Both heart-rending and laugh-out-loud, it takes you on a roller-coaster of an emotional journey through Silva Lining’s story, with many an amusing aside from her Brain." 

Alex Coulter, Director, Arts and Health South West. Chair, Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance

"Professional carers are hidden from view, yet are at the heart of support to people with disabilities or disabling illness, particularly dementia, helping them to live at home as long as possible. This play portrays the complex relationship between a carer and a woman - a retired doctor - living with dementia. Mutual respect, misunderstandings, anger, beauty, frustration, jokes and, above all, love, drew me into this poignant play with beautiful acting and even a brain puppet."

Gene Feder, Professor of primary healthcare, Centre for Academic Primary Care, Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

"Everyone involved as Commissioners of care services or as carers should immerse themselves in this play. You will forever see "Caring" in a new light. I was immediately captivated by the scene and the setting - familiar to me as a GP. Difficulty in gaining access to the patient's house using door codes has been part of my lived experience for many years. The conversation between Silva Lining and her carer, the profound insights and astonishing puppetry engaged me throughout." 

Dr Malcolm Rigler FRSPH, Health Ambassador at patients-association.com