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A quality life despite dementia diagnosis

My early childhood was spent on a farm on Eyre Peninsula. From then until adulthood, life never stopped being busy. By my mid 40s I was juggling the roles of wife, mother, career woman, and mature-age student. I had worked as an aged and dementia care nurse, an operating theatre nurse, and a chef. I was embracing life and all it had to offer.

At age 49 I was diagnosed with a rare form of fronto-temporal dementia. To say this was a shock is the understatement of the century. I cried almost nonstop for more than six weeks, until I started to write and talk about it. I "came out" about the diagnosis to family and friends, and it was like what I imagine coming out about being gay was like 30 years ago. Many people quietly disappeared from my life, with some saying they'd rather not engage in my "dementia journey" as it would be too sad for them.

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