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NHS 'still failing' dementia patients, report says

People with severe dementia are still not getting acceptable care from the NHS in Scotland, according to a mental health watchdog.

The Mental Welfare Commission says there are still huge variations in care levels across the country.

Longevity gene may boost brain power: Researchers discover the gene may enhance cognitive abilities

Scientists showed that people who have a variant of a longevity gene, called KLOTHO, have improved brain skills such as thinking, learning and memory regardless of their age, sex, or whether they have a genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

Compound reverses symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in mice

Research in an animal model supports the potential therapeutic value of an antisense compound to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's: A 'memory suitcase’ helps dementia

A museum in Liverpool has come up with an innovative way of helping Alzheimer's sufferers - a treasure trove of items that will stimulate a lifetime of memories

Atypical form of Alzheimer's disease may be present in more widespread number of patients than thought

A subtype of Alzheimer's disease has been identified by neuroscientists that they say is neither well recognized nor treated appropriately.