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Losing sense of smell could be a warning sign of dementia

Losing the ability to smell peppermint, fish, orange, rose and leather could be an accurate early warning sign of dementia, according to a new study.  Further details in link.


Which dementia is it? New, easy-to-use tool may help.

In a study, published today in the journal Neurology, researchers show how a simple and non-invasive tool could hold promise as a way to classify whether a person has frontotemporal dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or a healthy brain.

For further details please see link http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org/which-dementia-is-it-new-easy-to-use-tool-may-help/



Machine learning can predict rate of memory change

In new research published, researchers have created a machine learning algorithm that is able to form two distinct groups of people who have early memory problems known as mild cognitive impairment. The algorithm was able to predict different rates of change in people’s memory and thinking skills, also showing how those in the rapid change group were at an increased risk of developing dementia.

UK Dementia Research Institute reveals its first research programmes across six centres

Today the first 27 foundation research programmes at the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) are announced.

Please click on link for futher details  https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/news/article/191/uk_dementia_research_institute_reveals_its_first_research_programmes_across_six_centres