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Here you have access to a wide range of resources. They can be filtered by 'Role', 'Resource Type' and the QCF units for Awareness of Dementia, which we have given user friendly names:

  • The basics about dementia – DEM 201
  • Putting the person first: Seeing the person not the dementia – DEM 202
  • Improving communication: Helping people live well with dementia – DEM 205
  • Treating people as individuals – DEM 207
  • Protecting people's rights and freedom to choose – DEM 211

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Note: If you are a care worker or heath care professional, the material in this area can support your accredited learning.

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Making your home dementia-friendly

Learn helpful tips, room by room, on how to modify your home to make it safe and friendly for those living with dementia, from the Brightfocus Foundation.


My Home Life - Brenda and John

This video from the My Home Life charity shows the special relationship between two residents of a care home, one who has dementia and the other who enjoys looking after people.


Alzheimer's Society Dementia-Friendly Technology Charter

The Dementia-Friendly Technology Charter has been produced as part of the Dementia Friendly Communities strand of the Prime Minister's challenge on dementia. The charter, developed by a diverse working group led by Tunstall Healthcare, gives people with dementia and their carers information on how to access technology. It also provides guidance to health, housing and social care professionals on how to make technology work for people based on their individual needs.


Dementia, Rights and the Social Model of Disability

This is a new report published by the Mental Health Foundation, is calling for a radical shift in current thinking around dementia - specifically that dementia should be viewed as a disability.


Dementia Friendly Physical Environments Checklist - Dementia Action Alliance

There are some quite small changes that can have a major impact on improving accessibility for people with dementia. Some such as clear signs and lighting can be done at minimal cost, others will involve some investment, and should be considered as budgets allow, and when replacing fittings.