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Here you have access to a wide range of resources. They can be filtered by 'Role', 'Resource Type' and the QCF units for Awareness of Dementia, which we have given user friendly names:

  • The basics about dementia – DEM 201
  • Putting the person first: Seeing the person not the dementia – DEM 202
  • Improving communication: Helping people live well with dementia – DEM 205
  • Treating people as individuals – DEM 207
  • Protecting people's rights and freedom to choose – DEM 211

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Note: If you are a care worker or heath care professional, the material in this area can support your accredited learning.

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Dementia Decoded podcasts part 2 - Plaques and Tangles

The New York Academy of Sciences has produced a series of 5 podcasts entitled Dementia Decoded.

In the second episode, we look at the current state of knowledge about the basic physiology of Alzheimer's, and how scientists are working to unlock its secrets.


Good practice in post dementia diagnosis support

Five new videos from the Department of Health highlight a range of initiatives to support people with dementia in different areas of England. The videos, which have been published for Dementia Awareness Week 2015, give an insight into services around the country.


Making the Road less Rocky for carers: When decisions about residential and end of life care have to made

It is important to recognise that when the person with dementia goes into hospital or a residential setting the caring role does not stop. Carers will continue to offer social, emotional and nutritional support.  A Carers Trust toolkit.


Making the Road Less Rocky for Carers: When the dementia is diagnosed

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be a difficult and emotional time, and can come as a shock for both the person with dementia and their carer. Where possible the carer’s views and needs should be taken into consideration.  A Carers Trust toolkit.


Making the Road Less Rocky for Carers: When the carer takes an active caring role

Dementia is a complex, unpredictable condition, as the disease progresses close relatives and friends find themselves offering an increasing amount of support to enable the person with dementia manage everyday life. A Carers Trust toolkit.