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Here you have access to a wide range of resources. They can be filtered by 'Role', 'Resource Type' and the QCF units for Awareness of Dementia, which we have given user friendly names:

  • The basics about dementia – DEM 201
  • Putting the person first: Seeing the person not the dementia – DEM 202
  • Improving communication: Helping people live well with dementia – DEM 205
  • Treating people as individuals – DEM 207
  • Protecting people's rights and freedom to choose – DEM 211

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Note: If you are a care worker or heath care professional, the material in this area can support your accredited learning.

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Scottish Dementia Working Group – Through Our Eyes: A Life with Dementia

People with dementia explore their various experiences and ways of coping with the disease.


Health Talk Online – Diagnosis: Signs of Dementia

Carers discuss the early behavioural symptoms connected with dementia.


Health Talk Online – Difficult Decisions: Money

These videos discuss the difficulties around managing finances for someone with dementia.


Scottish Dementia Working Group – The Benefits of Early Diagnosis

In this video people with dementia discuss the practical and emotional benefits of an early diagnosis. 


Health Talk Online – Difficult Decisions: Self Care

These videos sensitively explore the difficult issues with respect to personal care for the person with dementia.