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Time to Think

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Justine Schneider
Call for comments on Cognitive Stimulation TV Pilot

This film has been made by Andy Taylor Smith for a team at the University of Nottingham, including Professor Martin Orrell, Dr. Lauren Yates, Dr. Amy Streater and Professor Justine Schneider. The film features George and Laurie, two men who are living with dementia.

Time to Think is a pilot film showing how cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) could be adapted to an audiovisual platform.  This could include television, pay to view TV, or the Internet.  The film (23 minutes) has been made to demonstrate the different activities that people do when they are involved in an interactive CST session.  Click on VIEW RESOURCE to watch it.

We are looking for feedback on this pilot from anyone who is interested in the needs of people with dementia.  Research has shown that CST in small groups can be cost effective.  However, some people cannot attend them due to mobility problems, and most memory groups are time limited.  

While you view the film, bear in mind that it was made with limited resources and without professional TV presenters. Leaving aside these limitations, please consider the following questions:

  • Is this a show that people I know with dementia could access with appropriate support? 
  • Is there material here that could engage a person with mild to moderate dementia? 
  • What are the elements that you think are attractive/good/engaging?
  • What are the factors that could be improved? 

When you have viewed the film you may make comments online using this form.  If this is not convenient for any reason, please feel free to email your comments to me.   Justine.Schneider@nottingham.ac.uk